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Welcome to Baa Hill Farm Shop where you will find the finest quality home reared produce.

Our dedicated traditional approach brings home-reared produce from the local area to your kitchen. Any good chef will tell you it’s not just how you cook, it’s the quality of the food that makes the difference.

All our livestock are respected and treated kindly. We are committed to traditional methods of rearing and this provides you with produce not available at the supermarket.

Come and see for yourself and ask about our farming methods – and have a breath of fresh air while you are at it!

Lamb, Beef & Pork

Our home reared lamb and beef is mainly grass-fed outside when possible with a supplement of local Grain. All our beef is hung on the bone for at least 3 weeks, improving the texture and flavour of the meat. We also farm rare breed pigs used for our own recipe sausages, dry-cure bacon and gammon.

Poultry, Eggs & Game

We source free-range eggs locally and also supply free-range whole chickens and portions. Local game is available when in season.

Local Fruit & Vegetables

We have a selection of seasonal local produce available including:
Locally grown vegetables.
Seasonal fruit from Woore Fruit Farm.
Local cheese and milk.
Bread and pies using our meat freshly made at a local bakery.
Locally produced jams and sauces.